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Adopted on [●], 2022

9216-0209 Québec Inc. (hereinafter “ L’Intermarché Boyer”), attach great importance to respect the privacy of their clients, their employees and suppliers. It is for this reason that L’Intermarché Boyer has established this personal information privacy policy (“Policy”) with the aim to govern L’Intermarché Boyer’s practices regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information, all in compliance with the rights of each individual requesting L’Intermarché Boyer’ services or products.

The Websites www.intermarcheboyer.com and www.commandeintermarcheboyer.com, (hereinafter the “Platforms”) are owned by L’Intermarché Boyer and aims to provide information about L’Intermarché Boyer, its business, services and products, as well as to interact with its customers and users about the Platforms’ features. More precisely, the Platforms allow you to consult the products and services of L’Intermarché Boyer, to create an online account and to complete a transaction.

This Policy refers to how L’Intermarché Boyer collects, uses, discloses and protects your personal information when you request its services or use the Platforms. Our practices regarding the respect of your personal information comply with Quebec’s Act Respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector and Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). This Policy does not apply to information that does not constitute “personal information” under applicable laws on respect of privacy.


In Canada, PIPEDA’s 10 fair information principles form the ground rules for the collection, use and disclosure of personal information, as well as for providing access to personal information. They give individuals control over how their personal information is handled in the private sector. L’Intermarché Boyer complies with the following 10 privacy principles :

  1. Accountability

L’Intermarché Boyer is responsible for personal information under its control and has designated a privacy officer who is accountable for L’Intermarché Boyer’s compliance with this Policy and the 10 privacy principles.

  1. Identify purposes for the collection of personal information

L’Intermarché Boyer will identify the purpose for which personal information is collected at or before the time the information is collected. Some of the identified purposes for which L’Intermarché Boyer collects, uses and discloses your personal information are described below in this Policy. In the event that L’Intermarché Boyer wishes to collect, use and/or disclose personal information for purposes other than those described in this Policy, L’Intermarché Boyer will seek your consent.

  1. Consent

L’Intermarché Boyer is committed to obtaining your informed consent for the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information, except as required by law.

  1. Limiting collection of personal information

L’Intermarché Boyer will limit the collection of personal information, both in terms of the nature and amount of information, to that which is necessary to fulfill the purposes identified by L’Intermarché Boyer. L’Intermarché Boyer will collect your personal information in a fair and lawful manner and not in a manner that is misleading or deceptive as to the purpose for which L’Intermarché Boyer is collecting your personal information .

  1. Limiting use, disclosure and retention

L’Intermarché Boyer will not use or disclose your personal information for purposes other than those identified and for which it was collected, except with your prior consent or as required or permitted by law. L’Intermarché Boyer will retain your personal information only for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected.

  1. Accuracy

L’Intermarché Boyer will attempt to make sure that your personal information is accurate, complete, current and necessary for the purposes for which it is to be used.

  1. Safeguards

L’Intermarché Boyer will protect your personal information by security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information.

  1. Openness

L’Intermarché Boyer will make readily available to you, specific information about our policies and practices relating to the management of personal information.

  1. Individual access

Subject to certain exceptions, L’Intermarché Boyer will, upon written request, inform you of the existence, use, and disclosure of your personal information and will give you access to that information. An individual shall be able to challenge the accuracy and completeness of the information held by L’Intermarché Boyer and have it amended as appropriate.

  1. Challenging compliance

You have the right to make a complaint to the privacy officer regarding our compliance with this Policy.


L’Intermarché Boyer may collect personal information from you:

  • when you purchase or subscribe to any of our products or services, including for your usage of L’Intermarché Boyer’s Platforms;
  • when you request information about any of our products and services;
  • when you contact L’Intermarché Boyer’s customer service or any employees or professionals of L’Intermarché Boyer;
  • when you visit the Platforms of L’Intermarché Boyer, or make transactions on them;
  • when you subscribe to the newsletter of L’Intermarché Boyer;
  • when you create an online account to participate in the Local Flavor Program;
  • when you provide us with comments or suggestions.


L’Intermarché Boyer may use personal information to:

  • identify customers, employees and suppliers to establish and maintain a relationship with them;
  • provide customers with ongoing service, to ensure proper services and to better support customers when using our services;
  • improve our products and services offerings;
  • ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the Local Flavor Program;
  • prevent errors and fraud;
  • comply with legal and audit requirements.

L’Intermarché Boyer may also use personal information to compile statistics about its business. These statistics do not contain information that could personally identify any individual customer, employee or supplier.


If all or a portion of L’Intermarché Boyer ‘s assets are sold or financed, or if L’Intermarché Boyer merges with another company, personal information in its possession may be disclosed to the lender, purchaser or company involved in the merger. However, such personal information should be used strictly in accordance with this Policy.

5. Transfers TO THIRD PARTIES and/or agents

Certain products and services offered through L’Intermarché Boyer may be provided by third parties in cooperation with L’Intermarché Boyer. In order to provide you with the products or services that you request from us, we may have to transfer information about you to these third parties.

Where L’Intermarché Boyer needs to transfer personal information to third parties for processing on its behalf, L’Intermarché Boyer shall enter into an agreement containing appropriate privacy protection terms before any information is transferred to the third party. These terms must provide that the third party will not use the personal information for its own purposes, will keep the personal information secure, and will only process the information on the instructions of L’Intermarché Boyer.

In addition, using certain third-party products to purchase products or services from L’Intermarché Boyer may require us to provide your personal information to third parties in order to process the transaction.


Your request for access to your personal information in the possession of L’Intermarché Boyer should be directed to the person responsible for privacy at the following address: service.client@intermarcheboyer.com. Upon request, L’Intermarché Boyer will give you access to your personal information in its possession within a reasonable period of time and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

To ensure that the information is communicated to the right person, you may be asked to provide appropriate identification document or to identify yourself otherwise.

At any time, you may update or rectify any personal information about you in possession of L’Intermarché Boyer by submitting a request to the person responsible for privacy at L’Intermarché Boyer at service.client@intermarcheboyer.com.

7. Consent

You may withdraw your consent for L’Intermarché Boyer to use or disclose your personal information through its Platforms by submitting a request to: service.client@intermarcheboyer.com.

You may be asked to provide suitable identification or to otherwise identify yourself.

In some circumstances, the withdrawal of consent to the use or disclosure of certain personal information may result in L’Intermarché Boyer no longer being able to provide certain products or services.


L’Intermarché Boyer will only retain personal information for as long as it is necessary to process related transactions covered by it and in accordance with the laws and regulations, including any professional regulations, in force in the province of Quebec and in Canada.

All personal information collected by L’Intermarché Boyer is protected by security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. All personal information stored in electronic form, including all information collected through the Platforms of L’Intermarché Boyer, is kept in protected confidential and secure databases. L’Intermarché Boyer evaluates its security equipment and procedures on a regular basis and modifies them if necessary.

9. Modification de la présente politique

This Policy may be modified at any time at the sole discretion of L’Intermarché Boyer and without prior notice. Any modification made to the Policy will come into effect when L’Intermarché Boyer publishes the modified version on this Web page.